Release notice of a new model of cell imaging system for drug discovery and regenerative medicine re

SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has developed Cell3iMager duos 2, the latest model of the cell morphology imaging system, which combines the quantitative analysis of cell proliferation and morphological change with the high-definition observation performance like a microscope. Equipped with an optical system that can image multiple fluorescence at high speed, the total scanning time including bright field imaging is improved. We are going to launch this new model in August 2020, which will contribute to the convenience of cell analysis in drug discovery and regenerative medicine research.

In recent years, research on regenerative medicine using stem cells has made great progress due to the establishment of technology for culturing organoids, which are 3D tissues like living tissues. Since organoids are expected to be used in drug sensitivity tests and cell therapy in regenerative medicine, morphological characterization of 3D-cultured organoids and quantification of fluorescence analysis are required.

In response to such industry trends, we have developed the Cell Morphological Analysis Imaging System "Cell3iMager duos 2". This system, while inheriting the high-definition and uniform imaging performance of individual cells in a whole well, which is difficult with a microscope, which “Cell3iMager duos” released in 2016, speeds up fluorescence imaging about 3 times. In addition, automatic switching of fluorescent light source units has been made possible, which enables fast and easy analysis by utilizing multi-color fluorescence and bright-field imaging in a combined manner. In combination with the newly developed "Plate Auto Loader*", multiple culture plates can be automatically imaged and measured according to the registration schedule.

With the expansion of the Cell3iMager series, we intend to become the de-facto standard in cell morphology and imaging systems for drug discovery and regenerative medicine research. Going forward, we will continue to meet the various needs of the life science industry and contribute to its development.

*Outline of “Plate Auto Loader (optional)”

Automated cell image acquisition for the Cell3iMager series, including auto-door of Cell3iMager, incubator, plate-stacker, plate handling robot arm, and management software.

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