Optical coherence tomography system

3D live cell imaging with near-infrared



  • Observation with pre-processing free on live body and device

  • Enable non-invasion observation of internal structure like cavity and gap which can not be seen by microscope 


 Quick observation 

  • Acquire a 300 μm square 3D image in approximately 1 minute

  • Observe samples after a set promptly

 Easy operation 

  • Simple operation on the PC screen

  • Unnecessary of special training & expert technique


1.  3D morphological analyses for cultures / internal structures with OCT

OCT is the technique that can acquire the tomogram of the live cell or organism without aggression by using feeble near-infrared light.

Researchers can acquire 3D image safety and in real time without having any obstacles action for the living body as they use our device.


​(Prof. Nobuo Nagai, Nagahama institute of Bio-Science and Technology)

Kidney spheroid

​(Prof. Tetsuya Ohbayashi, Tottori University)


​(Prof. Yukiko T. Matsunaga, University of  Tokyo)

  • Imaging system for 3D analysis to supplement existing microscopes

  • Add a new parameter called the true 3D information to the one from microscope

  • Damage-less imaging by using OCT technique

  • Because of the same workflow with microscope, it enables to reduce experiment cost and burden on researcher

2. Time-lapse observation by non-invasive and label-free analysis






  • Real time observation from spheroid formation to collapse after addition of anti-cancer drug

  • Detailed observation for 3D structure of spheroids that conventional microscopes cannot recognize

Collaborative research with Prof. Tamio Mizukami, Nagahama institute of Bio-Science and Technology

3. Compatibility for conventional labwares

  • Compatible with general micro well plates (SBS format) and culture dish

  • ​Specific well plates optimized for 3D culture such as "Corning® Elplasia® "  is also available




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