A bright field spheroid counter,

allowing reagent-free follow-up and

morphological observation


Research field

  • 3D culture based-drug discovery and regenerative medicine research

  • Non-invasive research that researchers cannot fix/stain cultured cells

High throughput

  • 54 second scan time per 1 micro well plate

  • 90 seconds for spheroids counting and quantifying area, diameter

        and pseudo volume for each spheroid

Entry model for 3D culture analysis

  • Entry model and optimized for 3D culture analysis and bright-field imaging


Cell3iMager neo







1 min



0.5 min


& analyze

Easy workflow

1. High-throughput bright field scanners for 3D spheroids

  • Cell3iMagers are bright field scanners designed specifically to simplify and accelerate quantitative and qualitative measurement of 3D spheroids.

  • This unique LED-based imaging system allows the user to identify and measure single or multiple spheroids per well in a microplate rapidly and automatically.

  • The companion 3D optimized analysis software allows faster image capture, measurement and data analysis

2. Z-stucking of 3D cellular structures

  • Cell3iMager has a focus composite function.

  • Merge stacking images of each Z-direction, for example gel culture or soft agar medium.

  • Measure/quantify mass of cells spread in the Z-direction at once

3. Compatible with various 3D culture microplates

Clear-wall U-shape bottom

Sumitomo Bakelite, 

Thermo Fisher Scientific, NOF 

Clear-wall flat bottom


Hanging-drop plate


Black-wall flat bottom


Soft agar

Stained 2D cultured cell

Cancer cell proliferation in soft agar medium

Neurospheres in suspension culture

Intestinal epithelial cells organoids

Spheres cultured in U-shaped well

  • Compatible with a wide variety of 3D culture microplates

4.  Intelligent 3D software

  • Supports basic (single-time point) and time-course dose-response analysis, as well as a multi-planar (focus bracketing) scanning option to use with hydrogel-embedded spheroids

  • 30+ adjustable parameters for optimizing object identification, live/dead discrimination (e.g., bubbles, fibers, debris), and compensate for edge of well shadows and distortion as well as reduction of background noise

  • Identify and measure microtissues in single spheroid per well or multiple spheroid per well formats


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